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"Micia" means "kitten" my husband has affectionally called me this since we met.

La Micia Cooking is run by Keryn Ursi. Keryn is married to Roberto – an Italian from Piandimeleto in Le Marche region of Italy for the past 10 years. Le Marche region is famous for its Truffles, unspoilt beauty, authentic cuisine and longevity of its residents.

Since 1997 Keryn has been influenced and immersed in Italian culture and its cuisine. Her Italian in-laws (Franco and Gabriella) have owned bars across Italy – Milan, Trani (Puglia) and Piandimeleto (Le Marche) for the past 40 years. And of course there’s Nonna Marianna (now 96) who started making pasta by hand herself at the age of 8.

Over a three year period whilst living in Piandimeleto – Keryn worked for an Italian Cooking and Language School (Rocca dei Malatesta) and learnt hands on authentic Italian cooking from an Italian chef in a renown local Restaurant called Osteria La Gatta, Keryn’s job at the language school was to organise activities around truffle hunting and cheese making and teaching regional wine tasting and appreciation. Participating in local Festivals in Le Marche was also a featured activity and some of these festivals celebrated white and black truffles, mushrooms and bruschetta – a positively decadent food experience. During this time Keryn also assisted her in-law’s in making the local cakes for their bar.

Keryn’s recipes are inspired by a combination of Osteria La Gatta (Le Marche Italian cooking school) and Nonna Marianna’s traditional Italian authentic home made cuisine. Therefore with this experience Keryn has created a hands on Italian Cooking classes that you can host in your own home (must be based in Melbourne). All of the Italian cooking classes are hands on, and all of the cooking classes are based on Italian style cooking. You can get to chose from 16 different Italian based menus or simply create your own cooking class menu based on the Italian dishes on the example menus. The recommended maximum Italian cooking class participants is 6-8 for a 3 course meal menu. With this Italian cooking class experience you get to make a first course - generally based on pasta, second course and dessert.

Keryn has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years in Australia, Italy, England, USA and Scotland. Her experiences include cooking for a crew of 13 on a luxury super yacht cruising around the Caribbean and French Polynesian islands.

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